May 03, 2015

The Dropshipping business is a method of selling products without having own inventory or stock. It means in Dropshipping method the seller selles product of some third party. So in this business, the merchant is free from having a stock, product delivery stress.

For example, if you want to start a Dropshipping business of t-shirts then you can choose some products from Aliexpress or Amazon or eBay and can list that on your website with your commission price. Now when a user will order from your website then you just need to place the same order on your third party website and the third party will deliver the product directly to the customer.

WordPress and Shopify have some awesome plugins which will make this complete process automated. So using these plugins you can import products of a third party site on your website in a single click. Once a user will order on your website, in a click you can order the same product on the third party with all details. These things are very easy with some plugins.

Benefits of Dropshipping

  1. Very easy to start

    Drop shipping business is very easy to start. All you need is a website, Marketing of your store. You can get a website within 7 to 10 days from any company at around $200 or $300. To get a fully functional drop-shipping website you can contact us here. Its always good to get assistance with an expert before starting a business. So to start this business, No need of

    1. Office space and employees
    2. Capital to Invest
    3. Physical products and Delivery tension
    4. Managing Stocks
  2. Can Start at home

    To start this business no need for office space because there is no customer to visit your office or store, no need of space to handle product stocks. All you need is a website and internet connection so that you can reply and communicate with your customers.

  3. No limit for Product Selection

    There is no limit of the product selection for drop shipping because you are not going to buy that or store that. So you can select unlimited products from any category you think can work for you. The main benefit is that you can search for only the best selling products from third party websites and can list them on your site.

  4. Low Budget and High Scalability

    Now you know that to start a drop shipping business, you need a website and marketing strategy so it is obvious that it will cost nothing compared to a traditional business. When you will start getting some business then after some time you can sell your own products and can create your own stock. This business can be scaled without any limit.


  1. Low Margin

    This is the main disadvantage of dropshipping. In this business, you can feel cutthroat competition because of it easy to start and have low investment. and since they are not investing much so they will be okay with even very low margin. So you can not list a product with high margin otherwise customers will start comparing your website from your competitors.

  2. Shipping Cost

    Almost every drop shippers work with multiple suppliers. So you are selling products of different suppliers and a customer purchased 4 different products from different suppliers then you need to pay the delivery cost to all 4 suppliers because they are not interconnected and every supplier has its own delivery system. So sometimes this is not profitable.

  3. Managing Online Stocks

    Since you don’t have your own inventory so you can not be sure how many pieces you have in stock of a product because the supplier is selling to multiple drop shippers. However, some plugins make this automated but still its a problem if you are using multiple suppliers and its hard to manage.

    So if you are planning to start a successful dropshipping business then I will suggest you start in the supervision of an expert in this field. You can find some super successful drop sippers who started the same as you want to start. For any help or support, I am just one message away. Thank you for your time.

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