Codipixel is one of the best website designing company in Varanasi with utmost demand and expertise in the field. Coding a pixel-perfect website is our star specialty and we are constantly striving to create and maintain a technology-driven environment.

We are a one-stop solution for all web solution needs and requirements. We serve for everything under the banner of web solutions like website designing, development, web application development, SEO, and mobile application development is taken up by our efficient and professional team.

The World as we know it is gradually changing with time. Technology in all its form and shape has influenced every sector of our life. We at Codipixel Understand how business and their needs have changed over time with technology entering the marketplace. With our knowledge, expertise, and skillful professionalism, we make use of modern technology and help in creating a business platform attuned to the latest trends.

The amazing revamp of the business in the digital world could sure catapult your business to newer heights. Our services are readily available for you at affordable prices and of the utmost quality.

Quality-driven work and skill-set are what we possess. We at Codipixel consider our customer’s satisfaction as the number one goal to strive for continuously. So if you need easy web solutions, just contact the best website designing company in Varanasi- Codipixel. Our business helps in launching local business owners into the global market creating increased visibility and boost for sales.

With every step through the process, our brilliant and exquisite team will be right here to assist and guide you in the desired direction. The indispensable work ethic, projects, skill sets, and delivery has made Codipixel, the number one choice for Website designing, digital marketing, custom software development, and social media marketing in Varanasi. Our Clientele testimonials are a true testament to our services and with 100% client satisfaction, we are one of the best website designing company in Varanasi.

A mere or simple website template cannot help your business reach the steps to success.It takes a structured strategy of marketing with ample technical guidance and support for success and sales. We at Codipixel work with our clients in devising goals, understanding them, curating a schedule, and then finally executing it for the utmost positive results.

Our Services

1. Website Design

With Codipixel you get a user-friendly design that is functional and responsive. A website is like a first impression and that needs to be positive for the business to be noticed. Our goal is to create a layout as per your requirement that is easy to navigate and operate by the users.

If you have been wanting an alluring, creative layout for your website, look no further. Codipixel services offer comprehensive website design services boasting of highly scalable designs.

Well-thought-out graphics and layouts are another addition. Leveraging our experience across industries, we have been able to deliver unique, hand-crafted, innovative, and user-friendly design solutions. Our strong team of UI and Graphic Designers creates layout concepts based on clients’ requirements,. In accordance with branding-aesthetically fit guidelines, industry best practices, and market trends we deliver the best results.

2. Web Application Development

By providing a clean, modern design for your business, Codipixel provides cost-effective web application development services. This has earned us the title of the best website designing company in Varanasi.

Web application development includes many stages, from high-level strategy, accurate planning, necessary research, business consulting, design, programming, testing, and training. Through this complete process, we remain clear and transparent with our clients without any misleading promises. Our web applications are not only well-designed but are business ready from the initial stage.

The central operation engine of a web system is the designed business logic in the code. Our programmers are very aware of how important website performance is for your business success. Sites are often built to accommodate all of the major search engines allowing an efficient and effective crawling of web pages that are optimized for specific search keywords.

We neither compromise on quality nor do we allow our cost-effectiveness to restrict any progress. All the services we offer greatly benefit our clients, providing their users with a satisfying interaction on the site, and finally producing a greater return on their investments.

3. E-Commerce Development

If you are a business owner, E-commerce is the future you would want to invest in. We at Codipixel make the process of Ecommerce site development as simple and straightforward as it possibly can.

We evaluate all your business goals and offer a customized e-commerce website. Our e-commerce websites are made easy to navigate for users and host alike. Easy to add products and sell online within a few clicks. Simple and functional is the motto we live by.

    1. Easy to use

    2. Add products in a few clicks

    3. Import products with an excel sheet or CSV files

    4. Manage users

    5. Online payment with credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, etc.

    6. Manage orders and invoices

    7. Order tracking

    8. Digital Marketing

    For your content and business to reach a wider audience and success, advertising is an important factor. With time, advertising has also evolved. Earlier, print and electronic media were the channels of advertising but with digital media joining the rave, it is the future of advertising.

    Digital advertising allows marketers and advertisers to reach and appeal to their target audiences in new ways with much more clarity. The challenge of meeting the modern buyer’s expectation of a continuous, cross-channel, and personal experience has now been met with new ad technology and innovations that continue to advance at great speeds.

    New ad technology platforms, types of ads, methods of tracking, dynamic ad content, and many advances provide endless opportunities for marketers and advertisers to engage their customers personally and across channels.

    We help our customers to grow their business of products or services by providing the best suitable Digital Marketing for them. Our Digital Marketing Packages include – On-page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Social Media Page Creating and Optimization, Web Master, Backlink creating, etc.

    4. Website Maintenance

    Every day is a new change and with that comes the requirement of ample maintenance activities. After the successful completion of the website, it is hosted on the Internet for the users. The major job of maintenance comes in this phase when the newly modified and created site does more business than the older ones.

    Proper maintenance of the site is required at particular intervals as it should match up with the changing scenario of the world. The ranking of the website in the major search engines like Google is also an important aspect, ensuring success or failure of the same.

    The traffic on the site increases if it contains more relevant data and functions properly. Therefore, to meet the business goals of your organization, it is important to pay attention to the proper maintenance of the site.

    Our website maintenance package contains all the facilities that your website will be needing. After the successful launch of the website, we make sure that it functions properly and the required changes are made from time to time to enable the changes in technology.

    5. Graphic Designing

    An image speaks more than word “is a rightly put statement for instance. There is no doubt that the logo is the first thing that makes the initial impression about your business.

    A beautifully designed logo stays in the mind of the viewer for a long time. Also helps to develop a positive brand image of your firm. Try taking enough time to design the logo rather than trusting other low-quality logo design providers as re-branding costs can be quite high.

    A cheap logo design service may not necessarily be good as it may fail to apply the current marketing trends in its design and provide you with a stale version of your logo. You will have to get that logo redesigned through some other logo design service, which in turn will become a costly affair.

    We at Codipixel strive hard to beat customer expectations by working in sync with our clients with a sense of ownership for their businesses. This has earned us the title of the best website designing company in Varanasi. Our knowledgeable and experienced logo team understands your competition and works with business goals while creating the best possible design.

    6. Website Development

    A fully responsive website is the best-case scenario. With a quick loading time and ample social media linking, you are sure to make a great digital impact all through. Neat and clean code is all we love. Our expert programmers give the website life as we are the leading provider of website development services with the latest and modern technology stack.

    A strong presence in the digital world starts with an appealing and user-friendly design and powerful development. We at Codipixel, provide you with premium quality web development services.

    7. Mobile Application development

    Mobile applications are now considered effective and personal as opposed to even websites. We at Codipixel Services help you in creating captivating out-of-the-box, alluring, and functional Mobile Apps UI/UX. This helps with direct communication and minimum difficulty.

    With a team of dedicated, proficient programmers at your disposal, we hold the key to every possible situation. As a result, every application along with the hybrid ones on platforms like Titanium is managed well. With the best website designing company in Varanasi for your project, you can be rest assured.

    8. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    Great content and product reach greater heights with best SEO practices. The rankings in algorithms of Google, Bing makes it provides a wider audience. Good SEO means a High Ranking in Google search listings.

    SEO is optimizing your website to make it easier for a search engine to find your website. This is achieved by adding good content, image, video, and maps, internal & external linking strategies.

    The important characteristic of SEO is the layout of your site, your content, and determining where you want to rank. We not only commit to providing a stronger online presence and better keyword rankings but also maximum returns over your investments.

    How can we help?

    1. We help you establish a digital business for your already established offline business. We discuss all the requirements of your business and then optimize and devise the right strategy for your digital presence.

    2. If you want to enhance the performance of your digital business: we can help you understand, and solve any possible issues the business might be facing so the end result is positive.

    3. In search of a better and functional software system for easy work. We can develop custom software according to your requirement on demand.

    How can we help?

    1. Invaluable and varied experience in the field. Established in the year 2017, we are striven to better the web solutions for you.

    2. Individual plans and goals

    3. Quick and ready response

    4. Competitive and affordable pricing

    5. On-time delivery

    6. High quality